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Our Dogs
The Girls

Annie was born March 11, 2007 to Crash and Angel (NW Doodles , Portland, OR). She is approx. 40 lbs. and has a curly apricot coat. She lives with a family in Beaverton who has 7 boys and she has been very patient with toddlers and babies. She is similar to Angel in that she likes to follow "mom" around the house. She will also play ball with herself similar to a poodle where she bounces it and then retrieves it. Thus far she has had two litters of puppies who have been absolutely gorgeous. She is a very sweet and loving dog.



Sadie was born June 30, 2009 to Harley and Annie (NW Doodles, Portland, OR). She has a golden very soft curly coat with apricot highlights. She is loyal, smart, a real people pleaser, and very gentle. She lives with a family in Portland and guests in their home have described Sadie as "almost human." When they take her for walks people often comment about her beauty. She can easily be described as beautiful inside and out.


Mandy was born April 30, 2008 to Harley and Ginger (NW Doodles, Portland, OR ). She is probably our largest female weighing about 55 lbs. She has a cream colored curly coat and is extremely athletic. She lives with a family in Vancouver WA who has done some agility work with her. She is very loving and is always in the same room with you. Holding hands is her favorite pastime. She also enjoys water and the first thing she does when she visits our house is jump directly into our waterfall. She has an outgoing, friendly, relaxed personality.



Georgia was born January 22, 2010 to Harley and Angel (NW Doodles, Portland, OR). She weighs about 50 lbs. and her coat is cream colored and wavy – very similar to her mom Angel. She lives with a family in Salem, OR. She is fun, playful and very smart. Her guardians love to teach her tricks because she learns them so quickly! She is also very cuddly and her favorite thing is to hang out with her "people." In fact, despite being 50 lbs., she is convinced she is a lap dog. Georgia is always excited to meet new friends and loves everyone…furry or not.


Shasta was born March 31, 2007 to Crash and Ginger (NW Doodles, Portland, OR). She is a small version of her mom – Ginger. She weighs about 45 lbs and has an apricot wavy coat. She is probably our most beautiful female (the photos we have of her don't do her justice). She is privately owned and lives in Oregon City with a male Goldendoodle named Harley who is mentioned often because he has fathered several of our litters. Shasta, although much smaller than Harley, rules over him in their household. She also loves her owner and follows her around the house. She is a very sweet and loving dog who loves to give people hugs.

The Boys

Rio was born November 9, 2010 to Teddy O'Shannon (an F1 Goldendoodle) and Breezey Day O'Shannon an apricot poodle from Mrs. O'Poodles near Grants Pass, Oregon. He is approx. 50 lbs. and has a curly apricot coat. Although he has a poodle face he does have a boxy retriever shaped body. He is a very smart, mellow Goldendoodle who adores his guardian and follows her everywhere. He currently lives in Longview, WA.



Lewis was born September 20, 2009. He was purchased from Doodles to Love in South Dakota. He is a small (approx. 45 lbs. and knee high), chocolate, F1b Goldendoodle. His mom was a poodle and his dad was a Goldendoodle. He is fun-loving and energetic. He wants to please, loves to snuggle but is ready at a moment's notice to chase a ball...any ball he can find. He gets along well with other dogs and loves to wrestle. He is always excited to meet new people and is extremely gentle with children and smaller animals. Lewis loves his people but his BALL is a close second.