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Adoption Process

The adoption process at NW Doodles is quite simple. 1) Fill out the puppy application. 2) You are added to the waiting list. 3) You commit to a litter. 4) You choose your puppy when it is 5-6 weeks old. 5) You take your puppy home when it is 8 weeks old.

Now for greater depth with respect to the waiting list...

I receive far more puppy applications than I have puppies. Many people find puppies elsewhere but fail to tell me and they stay on the waiting list. So, in 2012 I started a process where people commit to a specific litter. Sometimes I may have puppies but the timing isn't right for you to take one home. For example, you may be moving, you may have long trip scheduled, you may be changing jobs. So if the timing isn't right you may choose to wait for a different litter. Or you may choose to wait for smaller or larger puppies or wait for that elusive small red female. So, you are welcome to stay on the list as long as you want. I also do house cleaning with this list about twice a year.

Specifically, this is how the adoption process works. After Annie's or Georgia's or Mandy's puppies are born, I will send an e-mail that says important e-mail read this one. It will say if you want one of Annie's puppies you need to e-mail me and tell me so. I then put everyone in order based on the date they applied. You need to tell me if you want a male or female. I give people two weeks to respond. The list changes during that time as more people are added or change their minds. The list is also posted and transparent so you will see exactly what is going on. I also take several alternates. In the last litter 2 alternates received a puppy. Usually, at least 1 alternate receives a puppy. After the 2 week period the list is "frozen." If you are in the litter you will get a puppy. You will move up in terms of choice order if someone else drops out. At that time, I will also expect deposits from the first 1/2 of the litter because they will have plenty of choices. Puppy choice starts when they are 5 weeks old. Again, you choose your puppy based on that list order.

Here is an example of what the list may look like...(again this is not official)

1) David - Seattle - male 3/15/2012
2) Dan - Elk Grove CA male (former customer)
3) Mary - Kelso 3/16/2013 - female
...up to the number of puppies in the litter, and then the alternates.
If you have no preference for male vs. female say (either).

During puppy choice if you don't find a puppy you like I simply return your deposit to you. You can also choose to wait for another litter.

I also allow puppies to go home for short visits or field trips once they are 6 weeks old. This gives them a chance to check out their new environment before they go home permanently. I hope that it eases their transition at 8 weeks.

One last comment with respect to the waiting list. I have reserved two spots in each litter for former customers. So they do go the top of the litter with respect to the choice order. I'm also considering a delivery surcharge for customers in Eugene and Seattle/Centralia when I deliver a puppy of $75 because of the amount of time involved and Portland's horrendous traffic. But, if there were multiple puppies at the same time there would be no surcharge or it would be split between the group. Lastly, I'm also considering an extra charge if I need to keep your puppy an extra week post the 8 week time frame. It will depend on if your puppy is the only one or if there is another one. I do not leave a puppy alone in a pen. This charge would be $100.

Since there is now a puppy application fee please feel free to visit or e-mail or call and ask as many questions as you want before filling out the application.

Susan Redelfs
NW Doodles
(503) 913-1290